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Aug 17, 2023 NormaBase

Released new NormaBase 4Pro - Build 4125. See Download section of this site for download.

In this Build, the quantiies proofing module has been updated and enabled to work under AutoCAD versions up to 2024 and BricsCAD versions up to v23.

Jun 03, 2023 ArmCAD

Released new ArmCAD 7 - Build 7121. See Download section of this site for download.

Since this Build, ArmCAD 7 (A21) is compatible with AutoCAD 2024. In addition, this Build contains several fixes for minor issues reported by users.  

May 24, 2023 Metal Studio

Released new Metal Studio - Build 1480. See Download section of this site for download.

Since this Build, program Metal Studio (A21) is compatible with AutoCAD 2024.This Build also contains fixes for several minor issues.

Jan 24, 2023

Change of address and phone numbers

Dear users, from Monday, January 30, 2023, Radimpex Software d.o.o. is changing its headquarters and our new address will be ul. Golubačka 2A / 5, 11050 Belgrade. Simultaneously with the change of address, our phone numbers will also be changed. Our new phone numbers from Monday 30 January 2023 are 011-4542187 and 011-4542191    

Dec 06, 2022 ArmCAD

Released ArmCAD 7.1 (Build 7115) which brings a quite number of new features and bugfixes.

The most significant updates brought by this version are: a new "Forms Browser" command, a new "Fixed Couplings" connector type, a new visibility filter, and another major improvement in mesh cutting plan optimization, as well as a number of fixes to the problems seen so far.Since this Build, ArmCAD 7 can also work under BricsCAD v23. Read more

Jul 12, 2022 ArmCAD

Released new ArmCAD 7 - Build 7069.

Since this Build, it is possible to create bent mesh specification reports with displayed bending shape and bend marking, a major improvement was made to the cutting plan algorithm, an improvement/fix of the algorithm for displaying the 3D bar in the specification report, and several other new features, improvements, and fixes. Read more

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