About Radimpex

Radimpex Software is a company that has been exclusively developing professional software for civil engineernig since 1989. Our programs Tower, ArmCAD, Metal Studio and NormaBase are constantly improved by a team of experienced experts, both by following modern trends and finding original and unique solutions.

The main features and priorities that determine us are the care of users, which is reflected in the traditionally close cooperation, quality technical support and willingness to adapt programs to new requirements. Thanks to that, we have always created state-of-the-art software that is easy to use, quick to work with and quick to reach the goal.

Quality cooperation with users as well as the knowledge and experience of top experts have contributed to our software having a wide range of uses and being adaptable to different uses and special requirements of each project. Our programs are made by engineers for engineers, so their main features are efficiency and optimality.

In the rich reference list of our users, there are faculties of Civil Engineering, scientific research institutes and a large number of design companies and bureaus that have used our programs to design and build many large and important facilities around the world.

Latest news

Apr 15, 2021 ArmCAD

Released new ArmCAD 6 - Build 6330. See Download section of this site for download.

Since this Build, program ArmCAD 6 is compatible with AutoCAD 2022. The most important new feature of this Build is imprevement in algorithm for optimizing meshes cutting plan. Except thise, this Build contains a couple of  bug fixes.  

Mar 18, 2021 Tower

Released Tower 8.4 (Build 8419) which brings a quite number of new features and can be downloaded from Download section of our website.

The most significant new features brought by this new version are: SAF Import and Export (Structural Analysis Format) which enables whole model exchange with programs SCIA, Archicad, Allplan, RISA, FRILO, Strusoft, Axis VM, Dlubal, Sofistik, SCAD, LIRA land, IDEA StatiCa, comprehensive program adjustment for work on computers with multiple monitors and for work on high-resolution monitors, added function in report editor for automatic preservation of texts readability in rotated blocks, enabled change of the zone of the slab reinforcement area, added new seismic code NTC 2018 (Italian),... Read more

Dec 23, 2020 Metal Studio

Released new Metal Studio - Build 1466. See Download section of this site for download.

This Build contains several minor new features and fixes, the most important of which relate to support for UP and UPE profiles and the correction of several minor problems with transformations of plate metal and bolts, as well as the correction of minor problems when extraction of cross-sections. Read more

Nov 16, 2020 ArmCAD

Released new ArmCAD 6 - Build 6326. See Download section of this site for download.

This Build contains several minor fixes and the most important are: significantly accelerated opening of the dialog for arbitrary and standard bars, correction of the bar sorting procedure in the bars position database by length criterion, correction of the sorting procedure of assigning meshes cutting indexes..   Since this Build, ArmCAD 6 is able to run under BricsCAD v21. Read more

Oct 08, 2020 Tower

Released Tower 8.3 (Build 8324) which brings a quite number of new features

The most significant innovations brought by this new version are: improvement of IFC compatibility including IFC export command (still in development), improvement of load combination generation algorithm, export of usability limit state combinations from combination scheme, improvement and new configuration in graphical display parameters, improvement in form and the display of some reports, a new possibility of setting the line load on the beams in accordance with the LKS beams and many others ... Read more

Jul 09, 2020 Tower

Tower 8 Build 8255 has been released.

This is a service build and contains a bypass of problem occurring on computers with Windows 10 Version 2004 (May 2020 Update) related with regular program freezes during some commands for report generation. Read more