Dec 22, 2021

Released new ArmCAD 6 - Build 6336.

Since this Build, ArmCAD 6 is compatible with BricsCAD v22.


In addition, this Build contains several minor fixes, the most important of which are: fixing the cause of program crashes when deleting entities in BricsCAD, fixing incorrect drag-mode of series in a section view, displaying correct units in the meshes cutting plan when exporting to RTF.[more]


Here is the complete list of changes in this Build:

  • correction of problems with not displaying the bar diameter when a item change is made over a specially formatted position
  • corrected issue when exporting the cutting plan report to RTF, the dimensions of the meshes were displayed in meters and not in units specified by the user (in case the option "Print formwork on a new page" was enabled)
  • in Autocads localized to another language (eg Russian) there was a problem with internal selection commands (for example in commands „Label”, or „Section pursue”) that could not be used. The problem was in Autocad and we made a workaround.
  • correction of an issue when making a bar with a geometry that already exists (drawn in the opposite direction). If it was choosen to use the existing position, the position of the new bar was changed.
  • correction of copy-paste series in longitudinal and cross section. During the drag, the series was shown in the wrong place. (Occurrence only observed in 2021 and 2022 versions of AutoCAD only)
  • fixed an error that caused a program to crash when deleting a large number of entities at once. Crash occurred only in BricsCAD versions.
  • correction of an error that occurs when copy-paste (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V) parts of a drawing from one drawing to another. The problem occurred only in the versions for AutoCAD 2010-2016.