Jul 12, 2022

Released new ArmCAD 7 - Build 7069.

Since this Build, it is possible to create bent mesh specification reports with displayed bending shape and bend marking, a major improvement was made to the cutting plan algorithm, an improvement/fix of the algorithm for displaying the 3D bar in the specification report, and several other new features, improvements, and fixes.

Here is the complete list of changes in this Build:

  • New functionality - Bent meshes - creation of bent mesh specifications report enabled (with drawing of bending shape and with marking of bending in the cutting plan).
  • New functionality - In the dialog for manual creation of a variable position (which opens from the dialog Base positions) – added option for defining parameters Fna and Fnb (arc arrows), which enables defining arc function for a segment lenght change.
  • New functionality - The ability to insert an empty line in seven reports has been added. A blank line is inserted between chapters of different forms.
  • An improvement was made to the general algorithm for creating a cutting plan. Now, even in this procedure, rectangular dents inside the pieces themselves can be used, which can lead to greater utilization and less waste.
  • Improving the algorithm to determine a good transformation for displaying a 3D bar in a specification.
  • Correction of a bug when extracting crosssections, due to which the cross-section could not be extracted from some beam crosssections, or the cross-section extraction caused the program to crash.
  • A change related to increasing the stability of the program when drawing a drawing that has external references - this is a situation when several drawings are opened at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the bar end grip did not work if there was a pointer with a + sign at the end of the bar.
  • Correction of an error when turning off certain reports of the recapitulation of the network by formwork, when "New page for each formwork" was turned off.
  • Fixed drawing of scaled mesh specificator in section. Values in labels were displayed scaled.