Mar 06, 2024

Tower 8.5 (Build 8572) has been released and can be downloaded from Download section of our website.

The most important new features are: combination scheme for road bridges (Eurocode regulations), "Direct orbit" which enables model rotation in the 3D view without calling the Orbit command ...
Complete list of new features of this new version is:


  • In the Load Combination Scheme command, in addition to the existing combination scheme for buildings, it is now possible to create a combination scheme for road bridges (Eurocode regulations)
  • "Direct orbit" - enabled model rotation in the 3D window (3D Orbit) without calling the Orbit command. For enabling this feature it is necessary to check the check box "Direct orbit" in the "Settings - Functionality", in the "Other" section. "Direct orbit" allows the model to rotate in the 3D window while holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse.
  • Generated load case reports can now include a list of (named) envelope load cases.
  • As part of the "Information" command, which displays information about entities located under the mouse cursor, it is also possible to display information about nodes (number, coordinate, deformation vectors and oscillation form vectors)
  • Change in the beam reinforcement adoption dialog - changing bars and other data in one of the zones no longer resets the user-defined segment lengths in other zones.
  • New functions - "Calculation" and "Report" have been added to the masonry wall preview dialog, and the "Report" option has been added to the command line in the Masonry Wall Stress Control command.
  • In the direct dynamic analysis (both seismic and dynamic load) in the damping setting parameters, the limits have been changed - alpha and beta damping factors now can be entered in the range of 0-100 and the unique damping coefficient from 0.001 to 0.99
  • Added option to use arrow key combinations for command shortcuts (up, down, left right and Home and End) - if either Shift or Ctrl is pressed
  • Among the commands for which it is possible to assign shortcuts, the commands for the Next load case and the Previous load case are included.