About NormaBase

NormaBase is a program designed for designers, contractors, engineering firms and investors. The program is used for making bills, estimates, tenders, situations, keeping a construction book, calculation and price analysis. In addition to applications in building and civil engineering, the program is also used in installation work - plumbing, sewerage, electrical and mechanical installations. Easy modification of the contents of existing as well as easy creation of completely new databases, gives this program a very wide application. This is a completely new program and inherits from NormaBase Plus and brings great improvements in functionality, performance, usability and data security. Among the many other advantages of the program are the simple formation of reports and great freedom in preparation for the press.

The most important novelties in NormaBase 4Pro

Incomparably faster and more comfortable work
Work with the database has been accelerated many times over, so even the most demanding operations such as report preparation or printing preparation are performed instantly and without downtime.

Greater visibility and improved user interface
It provides easier access to the necessary information, but also the simultaneous display of a larger amount of information, which makes the process of using the program easier and more efficient.

Increased program flexibility
The possibilities for adjusting the appearance and content of the report have been significantly increased. Among other things, automatic and semi-automatic Cyrillic-Latinization of both databases and reports is enabled.

Improved data security and portability
The new way of recording and storing backup copies of the database will provide maximum security against data loss, and the applied technology of automatic archiving and compression reduces the consumption of disk space for their storage. According to the same principle, the exchange of data between users is facilitated.

Modernity and harmony
The program is compatible with the current Windows 10 operating system, but can also work on older operating systems, starting with Windows XP. In terms of connection to CAD programs, current versions of AutoCAD and BricsCAD are supported.

A completely new platform suitable for improvement and development
The program is written on a completely new platform, so its long-term development and maintenance is enabled.

Basic information about the program

• The program is supplied with the current database of norms and resources, which contains over 20 thousand norms from construction and craft works, civil engineering, water supply and sewerage, electrical works, mechanical installations, central heating and air conditioning.

• With the commands to copy, delete, move, insert and edit, all parts of the database can be easily modified and adapted to the needs of users.

• The classification of the labor force was performed according to both the qualification and the occupation of the worker.

• Extremely fast, clear and intuitive finding of norms and positions thanks to the organization of data in the form of a branched tree by types of work.

• Instant insight into the content of the selected norm or position is provided.

• Quickly find the desired part of the database (search by code, part of the code, part of the name, the content of the description) with the help of an efficient Easy-to-use Filter.

• Pomoću alata za izvoz i uvoz, omogućena je dvosmerna veza sa drugim korisnicima ovog programa (moguća je razmena normativa, tipskih pozicija, izveštaja, cena resursa i kompletne baze).

• Izveštaj se formira jednostavnim prebacivanjem izabranih pozicija iz baze tipskih pozicija ili starih izveštaja.

• U slučaju da je za gotov predmer (tender) napravljenog u Excel-u potrebno napraviti analizu cena, predviđen je mehanizam za pretvaranje i pridruživanje jednog ili više normativa koji određuju tehnologiju izvršenja date pozicije (analiza cena za tuđi predmer radova).

• Omogućeno je formiranje proizvoljnog broja cenovnika u različitim valutama i na nivou baze pozicija i na nivou izveštaja, razmena cena između različitih cenovnika, kao i njihova linearna i procentualna promena i konverzija.

• Faktorski tročkovi se uračunavaju množenjem koeficijenata koji mogu biti na nivou pozicija, vrsta radova i celog izveštaja.

• Formiranje dokaznica se vrši uz pomoć veoma funkcionalnog kalkulatora ali i uz pomoć posebnog dodatka za AutoCAD i BricsCAD za dobijanje mera iz DWG crteža AutoCAD-a i BricsCAD-a.

• Preparation of reports for printing allows easy adjustment to needs and great freedom in choosing the elements of the report but also the design of the report (choice of colors, fonts, layout of tables ...). It is possible to enter the company logo, arbitrary appearance of the first page, header and footer of the report.

• The program supports the import of data from Excel.

• The program is fully compatible with the previous version.

• It is possible to monitor the implementation of the project through the development of situations and construction books which keep records and update the status of work performed and calculate the amount of money for collection.

• Work with the database has been accelerated many times over, so even the most demanding operations such as report preparation or preparation for printing are performed almost instantly and without downtime.

Required computer configuration

• Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11