Dec 23, 2020

Released new Metal Studio - Build 1466. See Download section of this site for download.

This Build contains several minor new features and fixes, the most important of which relate to support for UP and UPE profiles and the correction of several minor problems with transformations of plate metal and bolts, as well as the correction of minor problems when extraction of cross-sections.

Here is the complete list of changes in this Build:

* added support for UP and UPE profiles. The UP and UPE profile database is supplied as an additional profile database that can be imported into the main profile database.

* minor changes to the client installation to reduce the problem of not finding a server

* crrection of an error that occurred during extraction of not perpendicular section of angled member with plates and bolts, causing the symbols of the screws were placed in the wrong place.


* correction of the error with the extraction of the cross-section with a rod in the cross-section and sheet metal in the cross-section if the zero layer of the drawing was invisible.